What we make - Madeleine Editions

Madeleine Editions presents ...
Beautiful, immersive story time for modern children who cross cultures.
In English, Chinese, French read-aloud editions (and other languages to come!)

An independent, online children’s book publisher based in Paris, Madeleine Editions merges traditional storytelling and digital technology

to create a collection of children’s digital books that provide a multi-lingual, multi-sensory, and multi-cultural reading experience for children ages 3~8.

Cultivating an ear for languages
and a taste for the creative arts
during this sensitive age

3 ~ 8 is a crucial age for cultivating an instinct for the rhythm and cadence in the spoken language. Vocabulary and grammar rules can be memorized at any age, but developing an ear for language – for the inherent musicality in every tongue – comes naturally to children.

Our stories are written and recorded to highlight the beauty of the spoken word. The innovative book format merges quality music and moving pictures, so children stay captivated in both native and foreign languages.

Each story is an original collaboration between artists from all over the world: award-winning writers, world renown musicians, the classical music label Deutsche Grammophon, + the newest generation of illustrators from Paris.

Parents appreciate the gentle animation, without fast screen changes and distracting games, for a calming experience that cultivates a taste for the creative arts.

A unique language exposure tool
for both monolingual and multilingual families

Monolingual parents welcome the easy exposure to new langauges provided by our Read-Aloud editions by native-speaking voice actors.

Multilingual families count on Madeleine Editions for quality stories in their heritage language wherever they may live.

Children revel in the imaginary voyage around the world with stories that cross cultures and continents.

With an inspired collaboration between writers, illustrators, musicians, and a focus on the beauty of the language, we create a quality listening and reading experience for our littlest audience and the grown ups around them!