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At DG we feel a noble obligation to help inspire the true music connoisseurs and lovers of the future. Hence we are happy to support this wonderful new children’s publisher that unites narration, music, and moving pictures into a multi-sensory reading experience, where magical pages come to life!
Deutsche Grammophon, iconic classical music label

Exquisitely-rendered, animated illustration,
poetically-evocative text,
magnificent music!
Alan Ziegler, Director of Pedagogy at Columbia University, Recipient of the Presidential Award for Outstanding Teaching

The Madeleine Editions team understands representation matters in children’s books,
and I appreciate that. I am also impressed with the thought and attention to detail
that went into every aspect in the making-of.
Mahoganyway Mama, unschooling mom

Their books are artistic, diverse,
interactive, accessible, and socially relevant.
Plus, I love the digital factor!
S. Charlotte Jones, Education Director at the Museum of Craft and Design

My 3 year old loves "The Little Baby Airplane." We recently read it together on a long flight and the story of the little brave airplane forging ahead calmed her nerves about taking off and turbulence. She will often see planes in the sky and refer to it as The Little Baby Airplane! I've recommended it to all my mommy friends raising multilingual kids.
Y.T. Tan, mom of trilingual child

I can't emphasize how well [Monster Dance] tackles head-on the experience of kids during the pandemic...
to help them understand what was going on in a way we couldn't explain, to give them a little bit more security and hope...
It will still be meaningful in the years to come as kids try to make sense of this time.
Dr. Lakshman Swamy, Boston Critical Care Physician and CNN Featured Doctor on COVID-19 in the U.S.

A family favorite. My son loves
that they’re so engaging and interactive,
and I love that he’s learning about
other cultures and languages
while reading a sweet story together.
Glitter Guide, editor's pick

Madeleine Editions seamlessly fuses art and culture, cultivates a love for language, and infuses storytelling with a modern multimedia twist.
Columbia Journal

This upcoming multimedia book, [Monster Dance], aims to keep young children comforted,
empowered and informed during the pandemic.

We love the Madeleine Editions books!...L was truly captivated with both the native English version and the foreign language versions. It’s surprising how children adapt and develop an understanding of new experiences, in this case, the foreign version really quickly.
Rachel Bustin, Family & Lifestyle Blogger

With language as vehicles in mind, Paris-based Taiwanese American writer Eva Lou launched Madeleine Editions, a children’s publishing house specializing in multi-media books with beautiful narration, music, and moving pictures!
Taiwanese American Org

The character Charlie is inspired by her daughter, now 8. Lou says she had written for adults “until I became a parent of this story-loving little girl,” and then established her own publishing house and put to paper the stories she told her daughter.
Patch.com/Yahoo! News