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Monster Dance

Meet Maurice, an endearingly melodramatic dog, and Charlie, an artistic little girl, as they take on a world that’s suddenly gone topsy-turvy.

This picture books app for kids with read-aloud, music and moving pictures is available in English and Mandarin.

Every app purchased = more masks for healthcare heroes now!

Being careful is not being scared.
Caution takes courage.
Patience takes spunk!

Printable activities:

Draw Your Monster

Color with Guy

How It Began:

It began with a doctor's initiative.

Dr. Karen Tsai, an internal medicine physician and co-founder of (a non-profit that procures personal protective equipment for healthcare workers), has been fighting the pandemic from the get-go. Noticing that children's mental health was getting lost in the scramble to combat COVID-19, she said, "It was clear that COVID-19 would end with a vaccine or a cure, neither of which was immediate in sight. During this challenging time, I saw children struggle emotionally to cope with the reality of COVID. It was something we needed to address since children are our future."

Propelled to action, Dr. Tsai teamed up with beloved illustrator Guy Gilchrist, whose illustrations are some of the most widely recognised cartoon icons of the 20th century — The Muppets, Pink Panther, Bugs Bunny, among others. Guy knew he wanted to help by doing what he does best: making people smile. He also wanted to create a timeless book: one that would resonate with children today and for years to come.

Guy. White House. 1984.

Fuelled by the desire to create something that would inform, comfort and encourage children, and reach as many families as possible, the duo approached Madeleine Editions. Penned by Madeleine Editions founder Eva Lou (Indie Book, Family Choice awards), with medical consultation by Dr. Tsai, narration by acclaimed actor Denis O’Hare (True Blood, Late night) for the English edition, and Taiwanese supermodel Chiling Lin (林志玲) for the Mandarin edition, Monster Dance is a poetic and informative multimedia children's book that engages and delights audiences 6 and under.

"When Guy asked me to write this story," says Eva Lou, "I knew right away that I wanted to use Ravel's La Valse as inspiration — and you'll see why, once you've reached the end of the story!"

Monster Dance leaves the youngest readers with the lasting and hopeful message that living with a virus — or any sickness — isn't just "waiting it out." Together Maurice and Charlie can make every day count and do what they do best — grow with joy!

How You Can Support:

For every APP or hardcover edition you purchase, you are giving:

  • The little readers around you the gift of encouragement.

  • Personal Protection Equipments to medical workers, to be distributed by to arm healthcare heroes at a time when they most need it.

  • Your support, which helps drive donations to children's hospitals.

For every APP or hardcover edition you purchase, you are getting:

  • 20+ pages of illustrations by beloved cartoonist Guy Gilchrist (lightly animated in the digital version)

  • Story by award-winning author Eva Lou

  • English Read-Aloud by acclaimed actor Denis O'Hare

  • Mandarin Read-Aloud by Taiwanese supermodel Chiling Lin

  • Excerpts of a Deutsche Grammophon recording of Ravel's "La Valse"

The hardcover edition delivers the quality audio Madeleine Editions is known for via a QR code design that turns every parent's device into an audio player.

Both digital and hardcover formats feature a design that merges read-aloud narration, exceptional music and collectible illustrations.

For every book sold through July 20, 2021, Madeleine Editions will donate 3 PPE masks to be purchased and distributed by to arm healthcare heroes around the world. Madeleine Editions has also donated copies of the book to children's hospitals around the world.

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