(English) How it began - Madeleine Editions ebook, bilingual, story

It all started with a mother, Eva, making up stories for her child, Sophie.

For better or worse, Sophie is born into a multilingual family that travels a lot. The one constant in the evolving landscape of their lives is the stories she demands from mama. In place of photographs, they have stories to remind them of the places they’ve been…
They lingered in Paris, home to many things, including that little shell-shaped cake called madeleine.

One day, Sophie soaked a madeleine in chamomile tea and declared it delicious. Mama explained that, like Sophie, a narrator in a very famous story called In Search of Lost Time bit into a madeleine dipped in tea, and not only was it delicious, it was magic. His mind began to travel through space, back toward his childhood, forward through time, and because of that one little bite of madeleine, a masterpiece was born.

In the same way, we hope our stories will become the children’s madeleine, and take them on an imaginary journey around the world, defying time and space.

“Ms. Lou has prodigious skills as a writer and an impressive academic background. Beyond these credentials she has a gift less definable – but equally crucial – for this project. Call it talent, the touch, or instinct – Eva Lou has it and your children have the opportunity to share it.”

ALAN ZIEGLER, Author & Editor

Professor of Writing & Director of Pedagogy at Columbia University

Recipient of the Presidential Award for Outstanding Teaching

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