What we make - Madeleine Editions

Madeleine Editions presents ...
Tales in Music for children 3 to 7
in English, Chinese, French editions

An independent, online children’s book publisher based in Paris, Madeleine Editions merges traditional storytelling and digital technology

to create a collection of children’s iBooks that provide a multi-lingual, multi-sensory, and multi-cultural reading experience for children ages 3~8.

A nourishment for the mind…
as well as for the ear!
Every month, we release a much-anticipated new tale.

3 ~ 7 is a crucial age for cultivating an instinct for the rhythm and cadence in the spoken language, whether it’s a child’s 1st, 2nd, or 3rd tongue.

Vocabulary and grammar rules can be memorized at any age, but developing an ear for language – for the inherent musicality in every tongue – comes naturally to children.

Our stories are written and recorded to highlight the beauty of the spoken word.

The music and moving pictures help children stay interested even if they have no prior knowledge of the language.

Providing families with instant access to
quality, multi-sensory stories

Parents will enjoy a quality, hassle-free story experience with their children through well-written, beautifully-illustrated children’s books, paired with magnificent audio,
brought to life in a multi-language,
iBook format.

Now, families have instant access to quality, multi-sensory stories in English, French, and Chinese, without the princely price tag.

With an inspired collaboration between writers, illustrators, musicians, and a focus on the beauty of the language, we create a quality listening and reading experience for our littlest audience and the grown ups around them!